At the moment that we persuade a child, any child, to cross that threshold, that magic threshold into a library, we change their lives forever, for the better.
Barack Obama

Vom Vorlesen zum selbständigen Lesen: Leseförderung der GGG Stadtbibliothek

Library Fund
GGG public library
Gerbergasse 24
4001 Basel

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The public library of Basel is an institution of the GGG - Gesellschaft für das Gute und Gemeinnützige Basel (association for a good and charitable Basel)

GGG - Gesellschaft für das Gute und Gemeinnützige Basel.

Integration library

Integration library Bläsi.
Library for a colorfully mixed Kleinbasel neighborhood.

Young people from half of Europe meet here. Spanish speaking parents with their small children and kindergartners or teachers with students from over 20 countries come to the library to read together. The Bläsi library contains the largest collection of foreign media in Basel.

An entry level of the German language is necessary for integration as well as for information about one’s new homeland. For this reason, the library offers a large collection of simple, thin books in German with relatively large print as well as information regarding Basel and Switzerland.

Working together with the Schweizerischen Institut für Kinder- und Jugendmedien SIKJM (Swiss Institute for children and youth media), readings are held here for small children and an accompanying person in the so called first language, for example, Albanian.

The library is well anchored in this lively neighborhood, and has not only good contact to schools and kindergartens, but also to meeting places, foreign organizations and cultural institutions. In addition, the library often works with the Ludotek which is situated in the same building.

With your donation, you can aid the GGG public library to help integrate people.

Account for Donations: IBAN CH62 0900 0000 4060 9942 4, Postfinance