At the moment that we persuade a child, any child, to cross that threshold, that magic threshold into a library, we change their lives forever, for the better.
Barack Obama

Vom Vorlesen zum selbständigen Lesen: Leseförderung der GGG Stadtbibliothek

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The public library of Basel is an institution of the GGG - Gesellschaft für das Gute und Gemeinnützige Basel (association for a good and charitable Basel)

GGG - Gesellschaft für das Gute und Gemeinnützige Basel.

Reading animation for the smallest

Reading animation: Books for the smallest.
Picture books are ideal preparation for reading later on.

The colorful reading rug is already waiting. The group leader puts a pile of books on the rug. Children between the ages of two and four make a run for the books, showing each other pictures, laughing and talking about them in Turkish, Spanish, or German. The language Babel is no problem for them.

"With books, they have found an immediate communal theme“ according to the reading animator. “The pictures offer subject to talk about and promote understanding and in the end promote reading”. Today’s theme is houses. Who live in an igloo? Who in a tent? The children, together with their reading animator look in the books for various houses and their owners.

Later the children receive their own „house“, in the form of an envelope, but only when they knock do the residents show themselves, here a man, there a pig. This causes vibrant discussions and comparisons.

In the playgroup Kleinhüningen the reading animation becomes routine after the reading animator of the GGG public library trained the group leader.

With your donation you can help the library offer reading animation to other institutions.

Account for Donations: IBAN CH62 0900 0000 4060 9942 4, Postfinance